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Team building en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.
Team building en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.
Team building en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.
Team building en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.
Team building en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.
Team building en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.

With our strategy and management games, and sport, cultural and artistic activities, we can help your teams to develop the values your company needs.

Why San Antonio de Areco ?

At just over an hour from Buenos Aires, the San Antonio de Areco region offers many diverse locations and scenery; it’s surrounded by nature and far from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the region and through fun team building activities, we are able to facilitate your discovery of many different places in Gaucho land.

Our offers

60-Minute Chrono - Urban Race

Experience an interactive and unique team-building activity that takes you on a captivating journey through the historic center of San Antonio de Areco in a non-traditional and playful way.

Teams compete in a series of challenges, including:

  • Solving puzzles scattered throughout the streets and town squares
  • Answering questions related to observation, logic and general knowledge
  • Engaging with local residents
  • Uncovering surprising anecdotes about the area’s history
  • Capturing funny moments through photos or videos

Each team receives a roadbook and embarks on a captivating journey through the streets of San Antonio de Areco, deciphering a series of puzzles that rely on keen observation. Their quest leads them to an enthralling final destination!

This activity encourages participants to push their limits while maintaining a lively atmosphere. It is perfect for cultivating unity and strengthening group dynamics.


  • - Duration: 2 hours
  • - Participants: 9 - 40
  • - Key Elements: Motivation - Teamwork - Unity

Olympic Challenges

Teams face a variety of skill-based and ingenious challenges using a kit of diverse elements provided at the start of the game. The challenges encompass physical and artistic activities, construction games and more! Each participant chooses which games they excel in, striving to be the best!

This activity can be conducted both indoors and outdoors and is facilitated by a team of lively and supportive animators!

Each team begins the activity with:

  • A guide outlining the challenges to be completed
  • An equipment kit, identical for each team

Objective: Earn as many points as possible within a specified time frame.

Once the time is up, each team presents their completed tests to the jury, aiming to achieve the highest score and emerge victorious in this thrilling team-building adventure.


  • - Duration: 2 to 4 hours
  • - Participants: 100 to 600
  • - Key Elements: Organization - Resource and Skills Management - Initiative

All in the Arena!

Whether competing or cheering for their respective teams, an exhilarating atmosphere awaits both the participants on the field and the spectators in the stands.

Each team is assigned a specific color and corresponding section of the field or grandstand. To identify themselves, teams also receive color-associated elements such as bands, flags, wigs, and more.

A master of ceremonies equipped with a microphone, along with a team of animators, ensures the smooth progression of the tests and fair allocation of points.

Here are a few examples of possible challenges:

  • The Isles: A race where participants must advance towards the finish line on platforms simulating islands.
  • Magic Square: A team competition aiming to fit the greatest number of members into a confined space.
  • Boats: An obstacle course and relay race, offering massive fun.
  • Gardeners: Each team’s gardeners strive to harvest the largest number of flowers.
  • The Vikings: Dressed as Viking conquerors, participants must collect as many gold coins as possible.
  • Knowledge Test: One or two team members participate, answering a series of questions correctly.

Each team possesses a “joker” that can be utilized during the game, allowing them to double their score in case of victory.



  • - Duration: 2 hours
  • - Participants: 100 to 600
  • - Key Elements: Motivation - Sense of Belonging - Good Humor
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Team Building

Discover our Team Building activities developed for you according to different topics around the Argentine culture in general, and the countryside in particular.