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Our mission: develop customized getaways throughout the year, in order to share the traditions and values of Argentinian gauchos with our visitors. So come and discover San Antonio de Areco, the national capital of tradition, as well as an authentic Estancia of the Pampas, for an unforgettable experience.

Our company, as well as our local agency, was founded in 2013 by Bertrand Mahé, a professional photographer and lover of the large wild Argentinian landscapes, and Andrés Ferrante, founder of the Portal Areco, a tourism website about San Antonio de Areco and its surrounding regions. In 2015, Sarah Reynier decided to leave Buenos Aires, where she had been living for two years, and join the team of Areco Tradición in San Antonio de Areco. Her passions are horses and the gaucho culture in Argentina, which she will entice you share!

Our commitment to sustainable tourism calls us daily, to foster local economic growth, whilst preserving the cultural and natural resources of the region. Our entire team strives to promote healthy, responsible and supportive tourism, based on mutual respect and social commitment.

Nowadays, our agency is made up of a welcoming and warm, multilingual team, who share the same passion for history and Gaucho traditions. In addition to an outstanding knowledge of the region, all our advisers, guides and drivers are bilingual in Spanish & English or Spanish & French.

All of our guides are local and live in San Antonio de Areco. They know better than anyone, the history and secrets of the town and the Estancias of the region. They will also be able to delight you with anecdotes about the inhabitants of one of the oldest towns in Argentina!

The Team

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    Director, Travel Designer & Guide

    Founder of the travel agency, Bertrand imagines and designs new tailor-made offerings to meet the demands of travelers. His exciting career as a press photographer has provided him with an unparalleled opportunity to discover the gems of San Antonio de Areco and the most beautiful Estancias of the region!

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    Director, Travel Designer & Guide

    Sarah’s passion for tourism and horses led her to join the agency in 2015 and ever since then, she has lived in San Antonio de Areco. She manages travelers’ reservations and logistics to ensure a successful stay. Having her as your guide ensures a fantastic day, thanks to her knowledge and friendly disposition.

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    Travel Designer in Spanish, English & French

    Trilingual and expert of the Pampas region, the agency couldn’t do without José! He is highly organized and will be sure to answer your questions in a timely manner. Having a clear understanding of your requirements, he will be able to create a fully personalized program!

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    Spanish & English Guide

    Veronica, with her positive energy and obvious passion for San Antonio de Areco, her hometown, puts her heart and soul into guiding travelers. She will be honored to share her favorite places and the most amazing anecdotes with you.

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    Spanish & English guide

    Carola is from Buenos Aires but she and her family decided to settle in San Antonio de Areco 7 years ago: she’s loved living here ever since! Her favorite thing: the Asado Criollo simmering for hours over a low heat, and the Argentine music and folkloric dances.

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    Spanish / English driver

    Andrés, who speaks English very well, has been Areco Tradicón’s official chauffeur since the very beginning. He knows every corner of Buenos Aires, ensuring your pick up and drive to San Antonio de Areco will be seamless, safe and stress free and of course it goes without saying that you’ll be traveling in an immaculate car.

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    Spanish / English / German driver

    If you are a group of between 4 and 7 people, Eduardo will most probably be your designated driver. You’ll be comfortably seated in his brand new Van Hyundai H1. With Eduardo, you will be guaranteed a fun trip!

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    Spanish / English driver

    With his stylish looks, Santiago could almost pass for an Englishman! But he is indeed from Argentina and he will be more than happy to share stories about his home country with you during the drive to San Antonio de Areco. It’s up to you whether the conversation will be in English or Spanish.

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Our travel agency was created with the idea of introducing a traditional town strongly marked by the gauchos' footprint: San Antonio de Areco.