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Located just 10km from San Antonio de Areco, this emblematic Argentine Estancia is considered one of the most beautiful and traditional estancias in Argentina, thanks to its history, architecture and the natural beauty of its surroundings.

The name “La Porteña” was chosen in 1857 in honour of the locomotive that covered the distance from Plaza Lavalle to Floresta in Buenos Aires City. “La Porteña” was given its name by Don Manuel J. Guerrico, its owner since 1822. He was one of the main supporters of the first railway that was built in Argentina.

Built two centuries ago, La Porteña is the oldest Estancia in the region. Its main house is surrounded by a 30-hectare park, designed by French landscape architect Charles Thays. The entire property currently has a total area of 300 hectares.

The atmosphere of the Estancia takes you back to the times of Ricardo Güiraldes (1886-1927), where the famous author wrote the internationally-acclaimed novel Don Segundo Sombra inspiring from the real gaucho Segundo Raminez. Indeed, the poet spent long periods of his childhood observing the tasks of daily hard work carried out by the gauchos.

Since then, this Estancia is the perfect place to explore the soul and character of the gaucho.

The property

Classified as National Historic Monument for its intact architectural preservation of Argentine criollo style and its wide adobe walls, the estancia did not lose its nobility!

The Casa Grande (Big House) has four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable king size or double beds and have a chimney and heater. Each room has a name referring to the work of the local poet: Don Segundo Sombra, El Cencerro de Cristal, El Sendero and the room Ricardo Güiraldes y El Rincón del Poeta, which gives access to the writer’s former office .

As you leave the Casa Grande, you find a gazebo with antique garden furniture from the times of the writer. This is an ideal place to have breakfast.

The Casa Chica (Small House) was built in 1822 being the oldest house. It includes three bedrooms, one on the ground floor and two on the first floor. These spacious rooms feature a king size bed, en-suite bathroom and overlook the countryside and century-old trees. You will also appreciate the beautiful veranda and corridors filled with all sort of flowers.

The Casa de Polo (Polo House) is an elegant house that usually welcomes Polo players during equestrian competitions that take place in November.

The Activities

La Porteña is a privileged and timeless place where you will be able to relax and take part in the gauchos’ activities.

You will be given the opportunity to visit the main house, bedroom and study of Ricardo Guiraldes called El Rincon del Poeta. You will also have the opportunity to go horse riding accompanied by gauchos, or just go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the countryside all around.

You will get the chance to watch equestrian demonstrations performed by the Estancia’s gauchos. Included in the demonstrations are both a horse race called the carrera de sortijas and Indian dressage (Doma India), these gems will allow you to discover the games and rituals of the gaucho. Traditional music and dance shows are also organized daily.

In the park, you can enjoy the facilities such as the swimming pool, soccer, volleyball and Argentinian bowls game.

Country Day at the Estancia

  • - Asado lunch (selection of grilled meats)
  • - Horseback riding or carriage
  • - Guitarreada & traditional dances
  • - Demonstration of horse taming
  • - Swimming pool

Overnight Stay at the Estancia

  • - 24 hours full board
  • - Room with private bathroom
  • - Horseback riding or carriage
  • - Guitarreada & traditional dances
  • - Demonstration of horse taming
  • - Swimming pool
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Estancia La Porteña

Classified as a National Monument in 1999, La Porteña is one of the most emblematic Estancias of Argentina.