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La Cinacina is a haven of peace. This colonial style estancia is strategically located between the edge of San Antonio de Areco and the vast stretches of the Pampa.

One of the main buildings was originally a stable, where milk was produced and where the farmer lived with his family. Thanks to its great location, La Cinacina was one of the most important milk providers for the town’s shops and inhabitants.

The structures and fittings are of high historical value. The current owners and how the property is used today have changed a lot since the beginning… There are about sixty horses, both criollo and polo, scattered over 50 hectares.

The property was turned into a charming hotel, over 60 years ago and since then, the old farm warmly welcomes visitors from all over the world.

The Property

Fully renovated about 15 years ago, La Cinacina has 14 comfortable rooms, decorated in a style reminiscent of the old Estancias of Argentina. The rooms provide guests with easy access to the huge property.

Two Special Suites with jacuzzis are available, providing you with the ideal opportunity to relax in a soothing atmosphere. All the rooms are no smoking and have heating systems, air conditioning, private bathrooms and free internet.

Enjoy the boundless kindness of the staff, who are well versed in welcoming guests.  In Argentina, no one will hesitate to give you a warm welcome… The simplicity of the place and its natural landscapes makes La Cinacina a fantastic option for escaping the pressures of everyday life.

Breakfast includes an array of homemade local products: fresh fruits, pastries, cakes, bread, juices, tea and coffee… The living-room, as well as being where breakfast is held, is the perfect place to relax, read and listen to music.

The Activities

The Estancia is surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes, which offer the opportunity for taking part in multiple sporting activities: horseback rides, bike tours, swimming in the pool, walking in the Pampas… The atmosphere here really is perfect for sport and leisure activities.

San Antonio de Areco, also known as the Capital of Tradition, overflows with cultural treasures: art museums, handcraft ateliers, and culinary delights…

La Cinacina is located a pleasant 10 minute stroll from the town-centre, over cobbled streets.  What could be better?

There is also a meeting room available La Cinacina, which is perfect for hosting a diverse array of events, whether they be corporate or leisure based.

Please note: pets are not permitted within the Estancia.

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Estancia La Cinacina

Located on the edge of the town, La Cinacina is a peaceful haven, enticing guests to relax and take part in the many recreational activities on offer.