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Dia entero de paseo a caballo cerca de Buenos Aires
© B.Mahé /
© B.Mahé /

Located only one hour from Buenos Aires, our one-day horseback riding excursion offers you the opportunity to discover the landscapes of the Argentine Pampas and to immerse yourself in the heart of Gaucho customs.

In addition to exploring peaceful trails and wilderness, you will have the opportunity to interact with Marcelo and Pablo, your gauchos and guides for the day. They will proudly introduce you to the special way of riding of Argentine horsemen and the specificities of the gaucho equestrian harness.

Full day Horseback riding through the Pampas

For horseback riding lovers, this full-day horseback riding trip through the vast meadows of the Pampas is sure to please!


9:30 am | Upon your arrival to the stud-farm that borders the charming town of Carlos Keen, Marcelo and Pablo will invite you to go and get the criollo horses from the neighboring meadow and will then explain gaucho riding equipment jargon to you.

After meeting each other, you’ll dress and saddle your horse. Now you’re ready to go riding!

Throughout the day, you will cross dirt roads that border wheat and soy fields, cattle farms, stud farms and estancias. You will also travel through a magnificent forest of acacia trees… all while alternating between walking, trotting and even galloping if you feel like it!

1 pm | After two hours of riding, it will be time for lunch. You will be warmly welcomed in the cottage house of Marisa, a resident of the town, to share a meal that includes local flavors such as empanadas, meat sandwiches, dessert, Argentinian wine… It is also an opportunity to try drinking mate (pronounced /mah-tay/) while enjoying the rural setting.

2:30 pm | You will then meet up again with your horse and continue riding in order to explore the old center of Carlos Keen town. After that, you will travel through the meadows where the large herds of cows graze. Just before 4 p.m., and after one last gallop (if you feel like it), you will arrive back at your starting point.

4:30 pm | Arrival at the stud farm and end of the program.


  • - Small groups of between 2 to 8 people
  • - From 10 am to 4:30 pm
  • - Availability: All year round
  • - Difficulty: average
  • - You will be accompanied by one or two gauchos depending on the number of participants
  • - Languages: Spanish and English
  • - Price per person: USD 100
  • - Includes 4 hours riding & rural lunch (empanadas, beef sandwich, dessert and drinks)
  • - Vegetarian, vegan, celiac options are available upon request
  • - Does not include transportation from and to Buenos Aires
If you do not have your own transportation, you can:

  • Contact us for private transport to and from your place of residence in Buenos Aires. Price: USD 90 per car.

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Full-Day on Horseback

For those who are looking for a longer horse riding adventure, we offer full Days of horseback riding in the Pampas.