Incentive Travel

For between 20 and 200 people – Perfect from September to April.

Why San Antonio de Areco?

Our small town, which is full of history, was declared the National Capital of Tradition by the Argentinean Congress in 2015. Located in the heart of the Pampas, one hour’s drive from Buenos Aires, its quiet and safe streets are dotted with historical monuments and colonial-style buildings, which give San Antonio de Areco a unique charm. Its many craftsmen, all with various specialties, are internationally famous. Areco’s traditional and diverse cuisine also attracts gourmands with the most discerning palates.

We are convinced that San Antonio de Areco is, in every way, the most attractive town in the province of Buenos Aires! So let us guide you!

Our mission

Areco Tradición, the only travel agency based in San Antonio de Areco, creates lively and varied programs specifically designed for companies. With the help of our local team of professionals, we offer an extraordinary experience which will allow you and your team to discover the Pampas culture.

Our goals

In organizing an incentive travel, our main objectives are:
– To promote social connections within teams
– To develop internal relations by helping to foster a strong company identity
– To reward and motivate staff to improve productivity
– Provide a space for the exchange of ideas and new concepts.

Our Full-Day group program

Here is an example itinerary and of course, this can be easily modified and adapted according to your needs:

9am | Private bus transfer from Buenos Aires.

10:30am | Our guide(s) will meet you in San Antonio de Areco and take you on a tour of the historical center; including the main square, the pulperías, the church, silversmith artisans’ workshops and the Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho museum.

12 noon | We’ll arrive at an authentic Estancia of the Pampas. You’ll have the whole estancia for yourselves, and your team will be welcomed with homemade empanadas and cold drinks. We’ll then take you on a guided tour of the Estancia.

The following activities will be available for your team to choose from: horseback or carriage ride, a football match, swimming in the Estancia’s pool. These activities are the perfect time for your team to bond and get to know each other better!

1pm | We’ll gather around the table for a typical Argentinian lunch: a delicious asado (array of premium grilled meats) with salads and drinks. This will be followed by dessert and coffee.

3pm | Time to watch and participate in a show of traditional local music and dances. After lunch, you will also be treated to a display of the Estancia’s Gauchos’ famed equestrian skills.

4:30pm | Leave for Buenos Aires.

– Pato match demonstration. This is the Gaucho’s game of choice and also a national sport.
– Polo match demonstration
– Indian horse dressage
– Gaucho themed games and activities for your team to participate in.


Glamping | Our proposal for an overnight stay at an Estancia

Groups of between 10 and 40 people – Perfect from September to April

Do you want to experience sleeping at an Estancia in the Pampas? Our Glamping proposal includes one night in a bivouac in the middle of the Pampas. You and your team will be immersed in the Campo Argentino atmosphere! During this overnight stay, you’ll share dinner under the stars around a large campfire, accompanied by the traditional songs and music of the Gauchos of the Estancia, before heading off to your comfortable tent to spend the night in.

An unforgettable way to spend an enjoyable evening!

– Very comfortable campsite, decorated with care
– Tents with twin beds. Including sheets, duvets and towels
– Evening under the starry sky with a traditional Argentine meal and campfire
– Our Gauchos will entertain you by playing folkloric music.

– English speaking coordinator and guide from Buenos Aires
– Guided tour of San Antonio de Areco
– Horseback or carriage rides at the Estancia
– Demonstration of typical Gaucho equestrian games.

Do you have an idea in mind? An upcoming incentive project for your team? Send us a message!

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