Polo is one of the most famous sports in our country thanks to more than a century of tradition and the fame of Argentine players. Whether you are a novice, amateur or an experienced player, we will ensure you have an unforgettable Polo experience in San Antonio de Areco!

All over the world, it’s common to associate Polo with glamour, but when you start to take a real interest in this sport, you realize that it is also exciting, entertaining and very accessible, and almost impossible not to fall in love with!

So you want to learn and understand the basics of Polo, or improve your Polo practice? Here is what we can offer you:



Our peaceful Polo school is located 10 minutes from the center of San Antonio de Areco. We offer Polo classes and practice every day of the year. Class times vary, depending on the season, to ensure we take full advantage of the daylight hours.

Polo Classes

The one hour classes are given by Ignacio, an Argentinian Polo lover. For beginners, we offer a preliminary 15 minute theoretical session, in which Ignacio explains the rules of the game and the required equipment (that we provide). You’ll also have the chance to learn and practice some shooting techniques.

Participants must be a minimum age of 8 years old. You don’t need to know how to ride a horse in order to attend the first class.


– One-hour class
- Available every day of the year, from Monday to Sunday

– Schedule depends on the season (morning or afternoon)
– Classes are offered in Spanish or English
– Transfers to and from Areco are included
– Price p/p: USD 75

Polo practice

Take part in a professional live polo game!

For those who have an advanced horse riding skills and who want to enjoy a fast paced polo game of pure adrenaline, every weekend we organize matches of 4 chukkas, with 4-on-4 games. We always try to gather people of similar levels so that the game is more playful and entertaining.


– 2 hours of practice
– Available on Saturday & Sunday

– Schedule depends on the season (morning or afternoon)
– Transfers to and from Areco are included
– Price p/p: USD 150



If you dream of spending one or two days at an exclusive Estancia where you can practice Polo or learn the basics in an enchanting environment, we have what you need!

Our packages, leaving from Buenos Aires, include a guided tour of San Antonio de Areco as well as an unforgettable stay at Estancia La Sofía, entirely dedicated to the practice of Polo. You will be welcomed by the owners of Estancia, two professional Polo players, who will be very happy to share their Polo secrets with you.

More information about our Polo Tours:
– Polo Day Tour in San Antonio de Areco + overnight stay at Estancia La Sofía
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