Horseback riding


Come ride a horse in San Antonio de Areco!

Horseback riding has played a huge role in the rural life of the estancias and today it is still one of the best ways to explore the vast region of the Pampas. Riding a horse in the stunning surrounds of San Antonio de Areco is a great introduction to the Gaucho culture, which, unlike that of the American cowboy, is still thriving.

Indeed, it is reminiscent of the very long journeys on horseback that the gauchos would undertake, riding from village to village and from estancia to estancia, as described by the poet and novelist Ricardo Güiraldes in his novel Don Segundo Sombra.

San Antonio de Areco is the perfect place for travelers to take beautiful horseback rides whilst discovering local culture and learning or improving their Gaucho technique. At a walk, a trot or at full canter if you feel like it, you will be taken back in time to a bygone era of our countrymen!

We offer horseback riding for all levels, with different durations and varied itineraries. A unique experience that you can enjoy alone, as a couple, with your family or a group of friends!

Note that for safety reasons, there will always be at least one Gaucho on horseback accompanying your group.

Horseback riding in the countryside

This one-hour program allows you to have a beautiful experience on a horse and to take an unforgettable horseback ride through the core of the large expanses of land belonging to the Estancia. Just five blocks away from the Ruiz de Arellano square of San Antonio de Areco, you reach this stunning place where Horacio will welcome you and take you, on your horse, to the heart of the countryside.

1-hour program
Available every day, at 10am or 4pm
Price per person: USD 20

Horseback riding under the full moon

This is a unique opportunity to discover the Pampa under a different guise, or rather … a different light. Lit only by the light of the full moon and an immense starry sky, this nocturnal ride will leave you with an unforgettable memory. At the conclusion of this horse riding adventure, your Gaucho guide(s) will invite you to share a mate and picada, (a plate of cold cured meats).

3-hour program
Minimum number of people: 2
Price per person: USD 40
Includes transfers to and from the center of Areco and a traditional country appetizer.

Please get in touch with us for upcoming dates.

Full day | Horseback riding through the Pampas

For horse riding lovers, this full-day horseback riding trip through the vast meadows of the Pampa is sure to please! In addition to exploring peaceful trails and wilderness, you will have the opportunity to interact with Flavio, your gaucho and guide for the day. He will be very excited to share his extensive knowledge of horses and the Gaucho culture with you!


10 am – Upon arrival at Los Cardales, Flavio will invite you to retrieve the criollo horses in the neighboring meadow. After having groomed and saddled the horses, you are ready for the riding excursion!

1 pm – After several fulfilling hours of alternating between meadows and paths, you will stop in the middle of the Pampas for a large & well deserved picnic and to give your horse time to rest.

2 pm – It’s time to get started again! Once atop your proud horse, you’ll continue to ride through fields, dirt trails and vast empty plains. Just before 5 pm, and after one last gallop if you feel like it, you will arrive back at your starting point.

5 pm – End of the program.

– Meeting place: Indio Cua – Los Cardales (70km from Buenos Aires).
– Small groups: from 2 to 4 persons
– Price per person: USD 110
– Includes: 4 hours on a horse & Argentinian lunch (delicatessen & meat, salads, fruits and beverage).

If you do not have your own transportation, you can:
– Take the bus from Buenos Aires with the company El Trebol, with an arrival time of around 10am at  Indio Cua. Approximate price to and from Buenos Aires: 400 pesos p/p.
– Contact us for private transport to and from your place of residence in Buenos Aires. Price: 1600 pesos per vehicle.

 Horseback riding immersion in a Fiesta Gaucha

Would you like to feel like a Gaucho for a day? If you really want a Gaucho experience you’ll never forget, we suggest that you immerse yourself in the universe of these Argentine cowboys by accompanying them on a horseback ride during one of their typical festivals.

Throughout the province of Buenos Aires, local festivals are regularly organized in honor of particular Saints, a season, a historical date or just for the pleasure of meeting with fellow countrymen and friends! This is the opportunity to participate in an equestrian parade through a village, to accompany gauchos whilst moving a herd of cows … and at the conclusion of the day, to share a delicious asado! In short, horse lovers will have an unforgettable experience by discovering the customs and traditions of the campo and by getting to walk in the shoes of a real gaucho!

Small groups: from 2 to 4 persons
Price per person: USD 110 (does not include transfer fees)

Consult us for the next dates and places.