2 Days in Areco with Estancia


2-Day Stay in San Antonio de Areco with Overnight in Estancia

We offer a 2-day package which combines the guided visit of San Antonio de Areco with an overnight stay at a beautiful Estancia (ranch). San Antonio de Areco is one of the last towns  in Argentina that pridefully guards their customs and keep their traditions alive.

This private 2-day tour provides the rare opportunity to stay as a guest at a working ranch and to experience the unique gaucho culture, in a tranquil and beautiful setting of untamed countryside.

You will meet gauchos and participate in activities such as horseback riding and carriage rides through the beautiful surrounding farmland. As you dine, you will enjoy live folklore music and dancing – always accompanied by wine and great traditional food and an impressive gaucho horsemen demonstration.

So enjoy the beautiful countryside of San Antonio de Areco and get to know the traditions and customs of Argentina’s gauchos by sleeping and visiting an authentic Estancia!



Day 1 | 8:30am – Pick up at your hotel in Buenos Aires. 10am – Reception at San Antonio de Areco by our guide, who will show you the picturesque streets of the historical center, pulperías (old gauchos´ bars), the renowned Draghi’s Silversmith Museum, and traditional workshops. Then it will be time for a well-deserved lunch at a traditional restaurant. After a short walk you will discover the Puente Viejo (Old Bridge, symbol of San Antonio de Areco) and the Areco river until reaching the famous Ricardo Güiraldes museum. 04pm – Departure to the Estancia, beautiful horseback riding, dinner and overnight stay at the Estancia.

Day 2 | After the breakfast, free morning in the Estancia. You will be able to enjoy these activities: horseback riding, carriage, nice strolls in the park and the swimming pools. For lunch, you will be invited to enjoy a delicious asado (array of grilled meats) and to explore the  folkloric music of Argentina’s countryside & destrezas gauchas (demonstration of gaucho’s skills). You will then have the rest of the afternoon to relax and enjoy the nature. 4:30pm – Leave for Buenos Aires.

The tour includes: Transport to and from Buenos Aires – Bilingual guide (1st day) – Visit to the old town including museums and artisans – Lunch in town (1st day) – Overnight accommodation at the Estancia with dinner, breakfast and asado lunch – Gaucho skills – Horseback riding, carriage & all activities at the Estancia – Swimming pool in Summer. Duration: 2 days.

Please contact us for rates and availability.

  • Transfer to and from Buenos Aires
  • Private & Bilingual local guide
  • Guided visit to the historical center, museums y artisans
  • Horseback riding and carriage at the Estancia
  • Demonstration of Indian dressage and traditional folkloric music
  • Overnight stay – all inclusive at the Estancia


Historical Center

San Antonio de Areco is one of the last towns in Argentina that jealously guard their customs, and keep their traditions alive, keeping the figure of gaucho as emblem of identity.

Silversmith Draghi Museum

The First Workshop and Museum of Draghi's silverware, where the visitor may observe the process of making a genuine piece of silverwork.

Ricardo Güiraldes Museum

Gaucho life of the past is celebrated at this quiet museum on a small estate just outside town. Start at the 150-year-old pulpería (the gaucho version of the saloon), complete with dressed-up wax figures ready for a drink. Then head for the museum proper, an early-20th-century replica of a stately 18th-century casco de estancia (estancia house). Here, polished wooden cases contain a collection of traditional gaucho gear: mates, elaborately decorated knives, ponchos, and all manner of elaborate saddlery and bridlery. The museum is named for local writer Ricardo Güiraldes (1886-1927), whose romantic gaucho novels captured the imagination of the Argentinean people. Several rooms document his life in San Antonio de Areco and the real-life gauchos who inspired his work.


El Ombú is a historical Argentine estancia that retains its colonial character and tradition. The Late-Colonial style mansion, built in 1880 by Lieutenant-general Pablo Riccheri, offers visitors a magnificent setting for an unforgettable stay.


View of San Antonio de Areco