About Areco Tradición

Areco Tradición is born from the idea of showing a traditional gaucho town under all its aspects : San Antonio de Areco. Right from the beginning, we decided to develop and provide excellent quality services, taking care of every single detail.

Our company, as well as our local agency, was founded in 2013 by Bertrand Mahé, a professional photographer and lover of large wild Argentinian territories, and Andrés Ferrante, founder of the Portal Areco, a tourism website about San Antonio de Areco and its region. In 2015, Sarah Reynier decides to leave Buenos Aires, where she had been living for two years, and join the team of Areco Tradición in San Antonio de Areco. Her passion being horses and the gaucho culture in Argentina, she will make you share it!

Our mission: develop customized getaways throughout the year in order to share the traditions and values of Argentinian gauchos with our visitors. So come and discover the town of San Antonio de Areco, the national capital of tradition, as well as an authentic Estancia of the pampa, for an unforgettable human experience.

Areco Tradición is registered within the Argentinian Tourism Ministry, under the Travel and Tourism license number 16214.